Wednesday, May 25, 2016

8.1 download iso 32 and 64 bit free download

How to download a 8.1 .iso with a 8.0 Product
Note the download requires a retail product ( 8.0 or 8.1) and will not work with OEM Product from major vendors which are hidden and reside within the system BIOS or minor system builder OEM s with a 25 digit product .
The .iso obtained via this method is locked to the edition (Core or Professional) unlike a MSDN/Technet .iso. It is however possible to download a retail .iso and use it to cln install on an OEM system providing both are 8.0/8.1 (C0re) or both s are 8.0/8.1 Professional.
I have no id why made these flaws with 8.1′s media distribution and warned about them during the relse of 8.0. The fact is OEMs do not always install properly and this combined with the forcing of such a critical update via the store lds to a very negative migration to 8.1 for many a user. I hope will provide direct links to an updated 8.1 .iso which will accept 8.0 and 8.1 product or access to one for users with a registered Account and activated 8.0/8.1 product.
Note it apprs have relsed an updated 8.1 setup file which does not work using the bypass product entry when the 8.0 product is selected, however the direct link to the old installer should still work and has been listed below.

8-Setup Link ''Click Here''SetupBox Link ''Click Here ''

Product If installing with a 8.0 Retail or OEM Product ; your product is rejected during installation. To overcome this use the following product during installation:

8.1 Core/Home:: 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT

8.1 Professional :: XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB

8.1 .iso Free Download 32 bit or 64 bit
32 Bit

64 Bit

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