Wednesday, May 25, 2016 android appliion download here android appliion download here

This appliion is a magnetic compass whose main goals are the reliability and the se of use.
Sensor data is trted by a Kalman filter in order to obtain superior stability in rdings.
The design is simple without unnecessary glares and shadows to improve rdability.
This compass is intended to be used in horizontal position.
In order to keep this as a 100% free product plse give it a positive vote if you find it useful.
The appliion makes use of gyroscope sensor data on devices having this kind of sensor.
If the gyroscope option is grayed out, your device does not have this kind of sensor. Do not give a negative vote because of your device lacking such sensor.
If you are experiencing any issue, plse contact the developer by mail.
Otherwise, it is impossible to get the necessary information to solve the problem.
Strange behaviours (such as continuous rotation) are due to sensor problems.
Calibrating the magnetic sensor or rebooting the phone does usually fix these problems.
The appliion just represents the data gathered by the sensors.

Download the song compass free hereclick the below download button and download this file

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