Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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This technique is for those who dont like to use pc suite for every appliion related to their phone. PC suite is an irritating appliion always asking for updates without which it will not open at all. So our aim is to connect to the internet without depending on pc suite.
1. First get the connectivity drivers for our phone's data cable CA-101. Link HERE2. Install it first and then connect your phone in pc suite mode. Now it should recognize all drivers automatically and install them.3. Open device manager by first pressing +R and typing devmgmt.msc 4. Under Modems, 5800 XpressMusic USB modem must be listed. If not, wait till it shows up or refresh the device list.5. When it shows up, double click on it and select the 'advanced' tab.6. Under 'Extra Initialization Commands' copy paste this +CGDCONT=,,"ACCESSPOINT "

where ACCESSPOINT must be replaced with your network's accesspoint which can be found by checking Menu>Settings>Connectivity>Destinations and open your accesspoint and check for your AP. In my case its, so I will use +CGDCONT=,,"". Click OK and close it.7. Open Control Panel\Network and Internet\Internet options and goto connections tab and click on 'Add'. A new network setup will popup.8. Select Dial up for first window, modem as 5800, Dial up phone no as *99# give a connection name and lve the rest blank. Also tick, allow other users to use this connection. 9. The setup will try to connect if you have a valid gprs plan and provided all information correctly.

properties.10. Now click on the tray network Icon and select you connection name and right click and select In the options tab untick 'prompt for name and ' as well as 'prompt for phone '. Click ok and close.11. Now to connect anytime, simply click on the tray network Icon and select you connection name and click connect.
You are done!!
The above setup is for 7. Vista has a similar setup. Xp has a totally different setup, but you will be able to findthem.

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