Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2013 Processional Plus 32 Bit And 64 Bit free Download

Whether you've bought the apps as one-offs, the whole 2013 suite or signed up for 's new 365 subscription package, there's lots to like about the new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
If you've taken the plunge with the new-look touch-friendly apps, these tips and tricks can help you go further with the software - from tailoring the interface to embedding online clips, there's plenty to explore.
We've tried to focus on the new ftures in 2013 (though you will find some tricks that work across the board), while providing a mix of quick hints and more in-depth tips to suit every level of user.
eral tips
1. Strm anywhere
Use your ID to strm copies of your apps to other PCs ( 7 or 8). Log into the website to use on Demand.
2. Pin loions
Save your most-used folders to the Open screen in any appliion - use the pin icon to the right of a recently opened workbook or folder.
3. Save to SkyDrive
2013 makes full use of your SkyDrive account, and you can save your files to the cloud, access them from anywhere and sync them across computers.

4. Use Flickr and Facebook pictures

When launched, the 2013 apps show a dynamic Start screen by default. To see a blank new document instd, select File and Options, then untick the Start screen option on the eral tab.
9. Get Skyping
If you've signed up for the subscription-based 365 flavour of 2013, you may not know that you get 60 minutes of Skype credit free ch month.
10. Try a parallel install
You might have alrdy noticed this, but you can keep older versions of running alongside the 2013 version, should you need to (with the exception of Outlook).
Word tips
11. Rd more sily
Word's new-look Rd Mode (under the View tab) makes browsing documents sier, and it supports touchscreen input too.
12. Embed s

Twk themes
You can choose slideshow themes from the Design tab, but you can also twk the colours, fonts and effects used via the Variations box.
Customise shapes
Select two or more standard shapes then choose Merge Shapes under the Format tab to combine them into a custom shape.
Pick colours
From the Fill option through PowerPoint 2013 you can use the Eyedropper tool to pick a colour up from elsewhere in the presentation.
Embed slideshows
Hd to the upgraded PowerPoint web app to embed your slideshows anywhere online, complete with transitions and animations.
Outlook tipsReply inline
Try it out - replies now stay right in the rding pane. Click the Pop Out button if you want to go back to the old way of working.
Download 2013 Processional 32 Bit And 64 Bit

64 Bit
32 Bit

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