Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adventure Island Game ie

You can jump in midair with these , very fun and certainly makes the game sier to bt.


To double jump. This is pretty new, I saw it post only a few days ago on Youtube.

You've also got the standard Hudson's Adventure Island Game ie :

PEEEPALA Start with 1 life
TEEEPALA Start with 6 lives
PEEEPALE Start with 9 lives
SZOEGPVG Start with infinite lives
SXKKIAVG Stop energy bar counting down
GXNGLAKA Become immune to rocks
GZXPSA Keep wpons
SPEEIIEG Can mega jump while at rest
SPEETSOZ Can mega jump while running
AAYIPA + AEVEZGPZ Multi-mega-maxi-moonjumps!
AEKAPIPA + PEEEZIAA Hudson can moonwalk!

Anyone have any more?

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