Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ascending Net

After playing Net the entire weekend, I have finally ascended. My Dwarven Valkyrie joins the ranks of demi-gods and -goddesses. The road was long, and, in a way my journey actually began two yrs ago when I first discovered Net and became completely captivated with its ASCII graphics and technical superiority.

The quest was difficult, the monsters were brutal, and the instant dth hazards were abundant. For two yrs I knew I had to bt this game, but for two yrs I only managed to kill off dozens of noble would-be heroes. This morning I was on level 46 of Gehennom, and a Master Mind Flayer wiped my memory. I lost all hope of ascending. However, after a few minutes I rlized that I would push on, despite the odds. I returned to the first level of the game, remapping all of the levels, and carving a direct path down to the Inner Sanctum. When I returned to scene of my memory loss, I was more powerful and better prepared for future dangers.

The second major obstacle manifested on the elemental planes. I had no mns of detecting the portals. Haphazardly, I stumbled about and sily found 3 of the portals.

Finally, I was on the Astral Plane, the ledary final level. Using wands of teleportion, I carved a path through the monsters to the first altar. It was unaligned. Using the remaining teleport charges, I rched the second altar, and my frs were once again rlized: the altar was unaligned. However, my hit points never dropped to a dangerous level and my confidence was incrsing. Adrenaline flooded my nervous system. I had no more wands of teleport, so my only option was to cut a bloody swath the to the final altar.

The amulet sacrificed, the game was over. I had ascended.

Check out the dumplog of my ascension, complete with ending stats, items, and screenshot.

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