Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bting Tower of Doom acombs 12

After a few days of attempts, I finally bt one of the levels in Tower of Doom for the livision. Admittedly, 12 levels is not that bad. I lucked out hard with stair placement and pretty much zoomed out of the tower. Using Warlord was another major advantage (the Warlord starts at level 4 & with tons of gr)

Now I'm working on the deeper mazes, but it seems everytime I'm on a roll my hlth starts dropping mysteriously. Maybe I'm not ting enough food, but I didn't see any "starving" message. Maybe I'm being poisoned and I just don't know it; in any case these mysterious "hlth leech" dths are beginning to become a serious pain. I just wish I knew what was killing me.

My "winning" game was played on the PS2, even though most of my Tower of Dooming takes place on livision Lives! for the DS. Both versions are completely solid; the touchscreen doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay for this title.

The acombs are a randomly-erated series of dungeons. It's a little like playing Berzerk the RPG. Supposedly even stronger monsters exist in the later levels; I'm looking forward to giving them a medieval smackdown.

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