Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Deeds of Yore - An 8-Bit Webseries

Deeds of Yore is an 8-Bit Webseries crted by Ostrog Productions and set inside a Commodore 64 cartridge. It won "best animated series" from the LA Web Series Festival 2012, and it's sy to see why. Ostrog has crted a truly unsettling world of gnomes, tigers, and flat animation sily comparable to something you'd expect from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
It's a standard classic technology plot: a human from rth gets trapped inside a computer world, and fun/hilarity ensue. It's a time-tested formula (From Captain N to Tron to the much more recent, Captain S), but Deeds of Yore keeps it fresh with the Ultima-style RPG jokes.
Characters move around as tiled versions of themselves, townspeople spout the same borderline nonsense they do in game, and everything is erally strange and creepy.
Admittedly, I've never played a C64, but I've always wanted to. I grew up on an 286 playing Rogue and Moraff's World, and if you've played any older RPGs the humor should sily translate.
There are currently 13 episodes, and the first four have been pretty hilarious. I'm about to watch the 5th right now, and will probably just blaze through all of them.
If you are into classic RPGs, games, or humor in eral then watch Deeds of Yore. I cannot spk more clrly that that.
...This is rlly making me want to play the actual game--which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist. Or does it?
You can check out the Deeds of Yore website here.
And you can watch the first episode below, and make sure to subscribe to their Youtube so you can ch the new episodes as they air. Things seem pretty normal in the first episode, but just wait until you get sucked into this crazy computer land.

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