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Download 1 for window withe S.NO free

1 for Manual
Welcome to 1
1 crtes unique and unguessable s for every site where you have an account ,remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single combination. It’s simply the safest and siestway to use the web. 1 can store nrly anything you want kept safe, like credit card and identityinformation, and help you use that information securely in online forms.Everything in your 1 vault is protected by a master known only to you. Just rememberyour master —1 will remember the rest.

Operating Systems
1 for is tested and supported in these operating systems:• 8.x• 7.xNotes:The 1 installer requires “admin” rights to complete the installation, and you may need torestart after installation is complete. (You don’t need to be logged into an account with“admin” rights to use 1, though.)1 is a Desktop-mode program, not a Metro-mode app.Web BrowsersThe 1 extensions are tested for compatibility with only the current “stable” (non-beta) versions ofthese web browsers:
• Internet Explorer• Firefox• Chrome• Safari• Opera
1 may continue to work with older versions of these browsers, as well.
The first time you run 1
Downloading and running the installer1. Log into using an account that has administrator privileges.1 needs “admin rights” so it can crte the necessary Registry entries.2. In your favorite web browser, visit the download page.(Click Here)3. Under “1 4 for ”, click the Download Now button.4. When the download is complete, run the installer (1-4.x.x.exe).5. At the prompt, lve Yes, restart the computer now enabled, and click the Finish button.Note: You won’t need to restart the computer on future updates that you obtain through the Help menu orthrough the automatic update mechanism.Launching 1Log into using any account you like, and run 1.If it finds one vault in your local Dropbox folder hierarchy, 1 will open that vault. Use your master to unlock it.
If it finds multiple vaults in your local Dropbox folder hierarchy, 1 will offer you a list. Choose thevault you wish to open, and use your master to unlock it.If if finds no vaults in your local Dropbox folder hierarchy, or if you don’t have Dropbox installed, 1will present three options.I am new to 1Choose this option to crte a new 1 vault.By default, 1 will name the vault 1.agilechain and store it in a new 1 folderit crtes in your Documents folder. We recommend you accept this arrangement.Note: Be sure the vault you crte ends with the .agilechain extension; otherwise, 1 won’trecognize it as a valid vault.

Crting a master Type in a master that will be sy for you to remember, hard for anyone else to guess, and nottoo difficult for you to type. The dialog box shows how well you’re doing, and it makes sure you type thesame master both times. We want to make sure you remember it, but we advise you not to write itdown or save it to a file that someone else could find on your computer.Caution: Your master is stored only within your 1 data. We have no way of resetting orrestoring it, because such a method would be a “back door” through which someone could get unauthorizedaccess to your 1 data.I have used 1 beforeChoose this option to open an existing 1 vault

Use the dialog box to loe and select the existing vault. It’ll have a name that ends with the .agilechainextension.To unlock the selected vault, use its independent master . (1 for does not yetinclude the concept of “primary” and “secondary” vaults.)
Restore 1 vault from Backup
Choose this option to restore 1 data from a backup file you crted using 1’s built-inbackup functionSelect the .agilechain_zip or .agilechain_backup file you want to restore from.At the prompt, enter the same master that was used to unlock the vault that the selected backupwas made from.
Setting up browsers
Internet Explorer
Because every computer has Internet Explorer, the 1 extension for IE is enabled bydefault.You can confirm that it’s enabled by choosing File > Preferences, selecting the Browsers tab, and seeingthe checkmark next to Internet Explorer.Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera1. In the main 1 program, click the Preferences tool, select the Browsers tab, and click the“install” button next to the browser in which you want to use 1.Note: If you have multiple profiles in Chrome or Firefox, select the one in which you want to use.1, and click the OK button.1 launches that browser and displays the extension download page.2. Optionally, click the Enable Betas link.3. Click the Install button.Once the extension is installed, you can see the version on the “install” button (on the Browsers tabof 1 preferences), and you can click the button again to switch between the beta and stableversions of the extension.Tip: It’s a good id to disable your browsers’ built-in -save and form-fill ftures, so you’ll alwaysknow it’s 1 that’s protecting your data and making your Logins available across all your1-enabled browsers and platforms.
Saving a Login
The siest way to save a Login item is to visit the web sites you alrdy use, and let 1 do thework for you.1. In your 1-enabled browser, visit the login page on a web site where you have an account.2. Enter your username and , and submit the form.3. Accept 1’s offer to save a new Login item.
Note: Some forms just refuse to cooperate. If you need to save a Login item by hand for some rson,plse see Saving a Login manually in the online knowledgebase.
Download 1 for window withe S.NO free(Here)Just click the below download Button

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