Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Download The Mini Tool Power Data Recovery with Free

MiniTool Partition Wizard

How would you like a free, guided utility that allows you partition your hard drive, copy a drive and run surface testsall through an sy-to-use interface? Partion Wizard Home Edition from MiniTool is a utility that does just that.MiniTool Partition Wizard software allows you to: Safely split one partition into two. Align all partitions or align a specified partition to optimize hard drive performance.Resize/Move Partition: sily resize/move partition without data loss. Crte, Format, Delete Partition. Convert Partition format from FAT to NTFS.Hide and Unhide Partitions, set active partition, label drive letter.Merge Partition.Partition Copy: Copy entire partition to unalloed space with high performance file-by-file moving
Back up or move data without any data loss.Partition Recovery: Scan to restore deleted or damaged partitions. Hard Copy: Copy an entire to a different quickly and sily with data clone technology.Back up data without data loss. Surface Test to detect and report potential damaged s.and so much more! Downloading the software is as simple as clicking here to go to MiniTool’s website. Click Download now. This software is compeletly free, though they do have a spot where you can donate money if you want to show your support.Installing is as simple as running the setup program and clicking next a few times. Once installed, an icon will appr on your desktop, double-click to open MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition.The interface shows your hard drives with the individual partitions on the right and a list of functions you can perform on the left. Below the hard drive list is a detailed brkdown of the hard drives’ partition information and the used/unused space.

The wizards on the left side of the interface can guide you though copying a partition, copying the entire ,recovering a lost partition and even data recovery. The copy partition and copy entire wizards are especially useful if you want to make an exact copy of your hard drive to an external hard drive of the same size or bigger. This is the cest and most effective backup solution. If the internal drive ever fails, you’ve got an exact duplie of the entire drive on your external hard drive.The surface scan function is useful to detect physical errors on the surface. It can be found by clicking on ahard drive then clicking the Surface Test option under operations on the left-hand side menu. If many physical errors are found, it’s a good id to consider replacing the drive.
So should you download this utility? I think the combination of a ton of functionality, sy to user interface and price(who can bt free?) make it a definite download. Be careful though, you never want to delete or dctivate a
partition unless you’re 100% sure you are willing to lose the information it contains. You can rd more about MiniTool Partition Manager and download it by clicking here.

Download The Mini Tool Power Data Recovery with Free (Click Here)
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