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Download The WinRAR 5.11 Final (X86/X64) Version Total Free

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Using WinRAR: How To Crte Split Archives [Volumes]
Part 1: What are Volumes (Split Archives) ?Volumes are parts of a split archive. Volumes are supported only by the RAR archive format, so you cannot crte ZIP volumes.
To crte volumes, enter the volume size in "Split to volumes" field while adding files to an archive. There you can also choose predefined values for floppy , ZIP drive or -ROM. Note: that if you are archiving to a removable , you may select "Autodetect" from the list and WinRAR will choose the volume size automatically for ch new volume.
erally volumes are used to:
Store a large archive (backup) on several ettes, -ROMs or other removable media, Post a large archive into a binary newsgroup. Some Groups recommended a file size of 500kb (7500 lines), as there are some servers that will not propagate posts that are larger. Send a large archive or file by e-mail to a friend, which e-mail provider has set an e-mail message size limit less then the file size. Offer some large archives to download from your website, with a small download rate. So the user can download the archive volume by volume. If they download a corrupt volume, they only have to replace the one volume, that was corrupt and not the whole large archive.
Extension based naming scheme:
By default RAR volumes have names like 'volname.partNNN.rar', where NNN is the
volume :volname.part01.rarvolname.part02.rarvolname.part03.rarvolname.part04.rar
Volumes may also be solid and self-extracting. The first self-extracting volume has adifferent (.exe instd of .rar) file extension identifier:
If WinRAR doesn’t choose the volume size automatically for ch new volume, while using “Autodetect”, all volumes except the last volume have the same size. The last part is always smaller.

Old extension based naming scheme:
It is possible to switch to another, old extension based naming scheme, where thefirst volume file in a multi-volume set has the extension .rar, and following volumes ,are ed from .r00 to .r99:

Old extension based self-extracting naming scheme:
How to switch to this old extension based naming scheme is described in a later chapter.
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