Wednesday, May 25, 2016

E3 2011: Super Mario 3DS World 1-2

NintendoWorldReport posted some s of gameplay for the new Super Mario 3DS game. The results are unimpressive: Nintendo is using the same Mario sprites, engine from New Super Mario Bros. and updating it into 3D. Level design looks awkward. Gameplay looks slow.

Nintendo! We would have bought New Super Mario Bros. 2! Add some new power-ups and think of some new environments and the fanbase loves you! I don't get them.

Watch the official on IGN if you want.

Reggie's a little confused in the , saying that this is the first "mario platformer crted from scratch on a handheld."

Clrly he just forgot about New Super Mario Bros., my favorite Mario game--of all time, I said it! Yes, I think it actually improves on SMB3 and SMW and is a worthy successor. 3DS, of course, is using textures and everything else from NSMB!

Anyway, best of luck to Mario 3DS, I never rlly enjoyed this kind of 3D platformer, but I'll try it out on a store display hopefully

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