Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Epic Game Music - Grand Theft Auto IV - Oleg Kvasha - "Zelenoglazoe Taksi [Club Remix]"

When I first hrd this song, I was hooked on the Russian radio in Grand Theft Auto 4. It perfectly captures the fast-paced insanity of the series and 4'sprotagonist, Niko Bellic. The title translates to "Green Light Taxi," which refers to a green light on Russian cabs signaling that the cab is empty. It also mns, Green Eyed Taxi, and the music puns off of this by having the hot female taxicab driver in possession of frkishly green eyes.
Song of the Week aside, I've been hard at work resrching games. Although it will never be time to cast primitive gaming aside, my faith in modern technology has been restored by a new holy trinity: Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Diablo 3. Although I do not own an XBOX or PS3, it neveroccurredto me until recently that games could still be purchased for computers.
And while most modern games continue to railroad the player down a 60 dollar hallway, rare open-world games provide the grtest hope for the future. If developers can achieve the complexity and balance of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup in a 3d environment, then who are we to tell them they can't do it?
With that said, listen to the track and buy Fallout 3 + Oblivion for 20 bucks, hot damn, at your local retailer. You can also pick up Grand Theft Auto IV for $15.00, although Diablo 3 will cost ahefty$60.00 for at lst 6 months to a yr.

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