Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Scans

Final Fantasy is the best RPG on the NES. You cannot convince me otherwise. The Nintendo Power articles on it are pretty good from what I can see. These 6 pages were published in Issue 12, 1990. The crtors of the guide promise more in the next few months; well, I'm going to post the next set of these tomorrow.

Thinking of starting a Final Fantasy 1 game in the summer? Perfect way to kill the boredom. Maybe you've never played the classic? Well the original cartridge came with a strategy guide, so using the Nintendo Power would probably be considered okay by most standards.

If you're looking for an sy party, just take a Fighter, Blackbelt, White Mage, and Black Mage. The Master hits harder than the Fighter, so don't listen to the naysayers who complain about "Def".

I prefer the NES and PS1 versions of this game, because they are the hardest. Other version have been significantly sier, and Square show no signs of stopping this.

They did, however, relse this game for $5.00 on the VC, but I'm sure there are all kinds of way you can play this game--it's been ported to every system. Still, try to play NES, the music and graphics are by far the best! It's surprisingly modern when you compare it to everything else at the time. I wish I had this game growing up, but I didn't. I first rd about it in Nintendo Power, but for some rson never bought a copy until high school. By then I was rlly into 16-Bit games, and let this classic slide until I was 18 yrs old.

I play through this classic at lst once every 2 yrs :D

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