Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hydlide Time

I said there'd be a Hydlide post this weekend, and damn it I was serious. I bought Hydlide at a fl market as a kid sometime around 1998, and played it for a few minutes before deciding it was total shit. From time to time, I'd try it out, but never accomplish a thing. Yrs later, the internet confirmed what I alrdy knew... but perhaps we were all wrong. Thus this experiment:
I'm going to attempt to play Hydlide, I hope I don't die (irl).
Listening to the music is out of the question, but I also want to hr the sound effects. I'll be using an emulator to disable the music channel, and playing some Daft Punk etc. instd. Instd of using the in-game system, I'll be using save states. As far as I can tell, this won't provide me with any gameplay advantages, as long as I don't save in the middle of battles and stuff.
Wish me luck :(

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