Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let's Play Xevious

Xevious is another rly '80s Namco masterpiece. Often overlooked in America, I think gamers have sily dismissed it as simplistic and boring. However, an in-depth study proves quite the opposite: after playing the game intensely, Xevious revls surprising depth. Here we can see the true origins of bullet hell shooters (most specifically vertically scrolling shooters like Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, 194X, Blazing Lazers, Viper Phase 5, etc. Xevious surpasses them all.

Although you only have a machine gun and air-to-surface missiles, the Solvalou has infinite ammo. It's wpons don't need to be stronger, one hit kills any monster, even the badass motherships. You'll have to land that bomb precisely, however, and dodge like a true ninja. If you want to improve in Xevious, don't play on the sy setting, but give yourself as many lives as possible and stay cool. Ground targets erally give more points, so spam your machine guns and drop your bombs with high precision.

I first bought Xevious as an NES cart at a fl market at age 16. I did not enjoy the game. It was difficult and seemed repetitive. The problem wasn't the game, I just sucked. Also, the music is painful, no way around it. In all of the Let's Play s I mute the sound. I played the arcade cabinet in college and still play a different machine from time to time. In fact, the game might be in the multi-cab arcade across the street, which would be awesome.

For more tips and gameplay check out the 4 parts of the Let's Play. Part 1 is uploaded now, with the others soon to come. I've actually only recorded Part 2, and I'm looking forward to an evening of Xevious and free strming music via Grooveshark.

Watch Part 2

Watch Part 3

Watch Part 4

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