Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Magic Copier Software Free Download Here

Magic Rip Studio provides a fast and sy way to copy your
onto your hard drive. It enables you to watch and copy onany drive!Magic Rip Studio is an professional ripper software designed toconvert your favorite to popular formats including MPEG-1,MPEG-2, AVI (DivX, XVid, MP43, YUV...), NTSC Long Play, etc. With avery sy-to-use interface, you can also convert VOB and IFO files into theseformats.In addition, the intuitive interface makes Rip Master the perfect tool forboth new and experienced users. It supports batch file converting. Magic Rip Studio allows you to adjust volume, size and more!We express thanks to all the people who have contributed grtly to thissoftware project. They are: Kevin V, Arthur Q, Windy J, Ella H, Dne T, Michael T, Dirk W, Laurent F
What you will have after purchasing this product:Full version of Magic Rip StudioThe possibilities of the full version of Magic Rip Studio are endless. There are no ads in the fullversion and you can have fun with unlimited multi-media production. After your purchase, you can get your own and have all services from MagicSoftware.Free update (Major Update Not Included)More DiscountsGrt benefits for our customers, such as coupons for other products from Magic Software. Seemore in the Discount Center.Excellent Customer CareWe are plsed to offer quick and high-quality customer care to meet your service needs.
What are MPEG and AVI formats?
MPEG stands for 'Moving Pictures Experts Groups'. It is a group working under the directives of theInternational Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC).MPEG is a committee of experts from the audio, and computer industries developing an evolvingseries of standards for the compression of moving s.MPEG-1 defines a framework for encoding moving and audio, significantly reducing the amountof storage with minimal perceived difference in quality. The MPEG-1 compression method usesthe previous frame's information in order to reduce the amount of information the current framerequires. In addition, the audio encoding uses something called psychoacoustics - compressionremoves the high and low frequencies a human r cannot hr.MPEG-2 is not a successor to MPEG-1, but rather an addition - both of these formats have their ownpurposes. MPEG-1 is a relatively low-resolution format currently used in V and the World Wide Webfor short animated files. The MPEG-2 is a much higher resolution format developed for digital televisionand used in .AVIAVI stands for Audio Interlve. This is a container format that specifies how the audio and strms should be stored within the file. AVI itself doesn't specify how it should be end (justlike the strming format ASF), so the audio/ can be stored in very various ways. The mostcommonly used cs that use AVI structure are M-JPEG and DivX. AVI contains calledFourCC, which specify the format in which the c has been end.

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