Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mega Man 10 Endless Attack

Above is a complete Mega Man 9 Endless Attack map. It was posted to vgmaps by Revned. Although Mega Man 9's Endless Attack was fun, it doesn't come close to Mega Man 10's. I'm gerly awaiting the maps of MM10's Endless levels, but after playing the mode for hours I'm convinced I've seen it all. This time there are many more references to previous stages, including:

Mega Man 3: Gemini Man's blocks over water
Mega Man 4: Cossack 1
Mega Man 4: Wily 1
Mega Man 5: Wily 1
Mega Man 5: Wily 2
Mega Man 6: Blizzard Man
Mega Man 9: Plug Man's 1st block puzzle.
Mega Man 10: Sheep Man's final screen

As well as one level suspiciously similar, but not identical, to Bubble Man's stage. My record is currently 306. My MM9 record was only 175. Has anyone else been playing Endless Attack in MM9 or MM10?

In Endless Attack, you play through 42 mini-stages consisting of a platforming segment or a boss fight. After defting 8 bosses (about 270 screens), Mega Man takes an additional point of damage from everything. After 8 more bosses, two extra points of damage and so on.

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