Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minecraft PALADINS Special Offer & Screenshots

Anyone who signs on to the Minecraft server today willreceive10 free diamonds! Just mention this offer and the diamonds are yours. You could be decked-out in diamond, looking fresh, exploring strongholds in an hour.

Server IP:

A troll's hut under a Dragon Warrior-style bridge. We try to make the Adventure world as much like an RPG as possible.

This is the bug shop, one of many such loions in the Spawn City. 64 Silverfish for $1024, or 64 Spiders for $128. This shit is rsonably-priced I'm telling you! Why should admins have all the fun? Minecraft allows the spawning of monsters and we've taken this as an opportunity to pass this ability on to the player in the form of buying the eggs or "Summoning Spells" as we like to think of them ;)

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