Wednesday, May 25, 2016

NESTaia Screenshots

I played NESTaia hvily over three months, and it was awesome. I've been playing more Rlm of the Mad God recently, and haven't had time to play both. I found these screenshots from 6 months ago on my Desktop and thought I'd post 'em. I wonder how NESTaia's doing these days; anyone still play?

I've considered getting back into it, but honestly I won't have the time in the next 15 months or so because of work-related issues. NESTaia was a small community, and I miss the players more than the gameplay, which was solid--but slower-paced than I would have preferred.

NESTaia is a free 8-Bit MMORPG for /PC. I highly recommend it, and you can srch for "nestaia" on 8-Bit City to find numerous posts I've made about it in the past if you're interested in lrning more.

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