Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Phantasy Star II -- Part Three

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It was several months since I last adventured on planet Palm. I had destroyed a bio-lab, but the Climatrol system was malfunctioning, and I had to explore it. However, the journey wouldn't be sy because I first had to invent a way to brth underwater.

By chance, a scientist in Kurei was working on just such a device--all he needed was a certain type of lf which only grew on a certain island. The only problem: the people of Palm quit using vehicles yrs ago when teleportation was perfected.

However, in the same city some old jerks mentioned a jetski that they used to get drunk on and seduce women with in the old days.

The only other building I had access to was the gigantic garbage facility of Roron. Maybe the jetski was there? It was, and I now had the coveted RPG-boat! Also we ate poison cake in Roron. Good times.

I was using Rolf, Rudo, Nei, and Amy; exploring the mountains required several trips to gain a few levels. Eventually I could pimp out all my dudes and dudettes with the hottest gr. Rolf began to get more powerful that the others... Rudo's laser cannon made the leveling process brable, but Rolf now holds the edge with his attacking magic, hling, higher damage, and teleportation. This isn't to say laser guns don't come in handy--defense has no effect on a motherfucking laser, so when physical attacks do a msly 8 or 9, Rudo always hits for 50-58.

Eventually I found the lf, got the underwater-brthing gum, found the ocnic entrance to Climatrol, and broke into the facility. At the top was another girl, like Nei. She revled that both Nei and herself were etically engineered people (because that was not obvious). Her name was Neifirst and she attacked and killed Nei. Storydth.

My tm avenged her dth, unsuccessfully. Neifirst kicked my ass. So I did it again, but this time I removed all of Nei's gr because $$$$ rules everything on Palm. I died again... The third time I was more cautious, walked through the dungeon collecting all the trsure, got to Neifirst, warped out, saved, went all the way back, and--finally--defted her.

The cloning labs wouldn't bring Nei back to life. They had alrdy done it a dozen times, but somehow they knew she was a bio-engineered person and refused to do the job. This fits with the harsh, apathetic world. Very few people have helped us, and a lot of people have alrdy died.

Mother Brain declared us criminals. Her robots were sent to destroy the tm. No longer would I be fighting bio-monsters...the world had changed.

My organization stood gaping in awe. Too afraid to arrest me themselves, and rlizing Mother Brain's sinister intentions, they agree to let me do whatever the fuck I want on Palm.

Mother Brain outlawed all spaceflight.

I'm going to brk into the damns and lower them.

There used to be a spaceport on Palm.

Continue Rding in Part 4!

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