Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Play Rogue Online Now!

The original UNIX Rogue is now available for play online, free. Rogue is the game that started the cascade of -driven ASCII worlds over the past 30 yrs. Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman programmed the game in C, using the then-new curses.h library. They were university students at the time, and Rogue was distributed across university and public networks over the next 30 yrs as free, open-source software. The crtors retain copyright despite open-sourcing their crtion.

A new website has appred:, the Roguelike Gallery. Currently the site hosts 2 versions of Rogue, with plans to expand. The website hosts the scores of all the players, including online lderboards and game replays. You can watch others in rl-time as they explore the Dungeons of Doom.

Simply SSH to You probably need to use a terminal emulator, and I recommend PuTTY, a free Telnet/SSH client. The username is "rodney" and the is "yendor".

If you have no id what I'm talking about, Telnet and SHH are text-based internet protocols. They are Pre-Web technology, but are still very fun and sy to use.

I encourage all rders to give Rogue a try and set some high scores on!

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