Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Play Star Quest! (and a huge Star Quest secret)

Star Quest is an epic adventure that's as much fun to play as it was to crte. You control the Spaceman on a mysterious planet and it's your quest to assemble your party and bt the 4 dungeons. Once you've done this, you gain access to the spaceship's computer (have you found the secret room in the spaceship? Look hard in the arboretum on board...your ship contains much more than you rlize). Only after you've defted the Scientist will the information in the Starship computer's databases be accessible. Somehow, all this is tied to the arcade machines and the robots which populate this strange planet. You'll have to talk to everyone, make ethical decisions, and outsmart your foes in this game. It's free to play so let the Star Quest begin.

The Official Star Quest Page

Also, there is a guide if you get stuck.

If you email me an ending screenshot, I'll send you more information on the game and a secret computer entry revling even more of the plot.

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