Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Star Quest is the ultimate 8-Bit adventure. It is a game of exploration, conversation, and arcade machines. The diction is, at times, strange and miltonic, but the NPCs tell a mythic story about a small planet.

This planet resembled an rth town. It resembles a town as rth represents them in games.

It is a rl place, and because of this, it has arcade machines. The games, sometimes, don't seem very different from the "rl world," which is itself, a game.

You'll have to deft the bosses, rescue heroes to help you on your quest, explore other world, travel through space, srch for quarters, philosophize, laugh, cry, and be amazed.

You can go to the official post and download Star Quest.

Over one-hundred maps and hundreds of NPCs.

Dozen of plot thrds informed by 1980s games and the international literary canon.

The strangest fucking game you've ever played.

Seriously what the fuck are you waiting for download Star Quest and play it now!

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