Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Proto Man 2

This is a Mega Man 2 rom. I was not happy with the other Proto Man 2 rom, although I did use it as a base. From there, everything was changed, from the graphics, to the title screen, to the palette, to the story, etc. The quality is very high, and I think fans will appriciate the little touches like the intro and an accurate palette and perfect sprites for Proto Man. Because Mega Man and Proto Man (in MM9, MM3, MM10, etc. are different shapes, roms of MM2 have to be a little crtive with the sprites. These are the MM3 sprites which I developed for Proto Man 3, but fixed up a little bit. I used Tile Layer Pro, Nesticle, Hexposure, and Thingy to up this bad boy.

Mega Man 2 is much sier to than Mega Man 3. One only has to alter Mega Man's sprite once. However, editing the text was a major challenge, but I lrned a lot about NES Text editing and I am 100% certain that I can now change any text in any NES rom. Anyway, if you don't like Mega Man 2 with a mullet, I hope you're a fan of Proto Man 2.


-Play as Proto Man in Mega Man 2
-New Title Screen
-New RDY Message
-Changed palettes
-No awkward sprites/pixels!

Download Proto Man 2!

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