Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Proto Man 3

I wanted to play as Proto Man in Mega Man 3 but a good rom didn't exist so I made one myself. Before Proto Man 3, the best Proto MM3 was Pixelboy's "Brk Man." However, I always though Proto looked funny in that version. More importantly, "Brk Man" was FUCKING PINK! Proto Man, obviously, should be red and grey, which is how I rendered him here.

I've been painstakingly meticulous with this rom, every one of Proto's pixels is in the proper place, a rarity in these things. Usually one or two frames of animation are off, which rlly makes the entire effort worthless except as a minor curiosity. There are no awkward frames of animation, Proto Man runs, jumps, and shoots like a pro, and I think this version looks good enough to on to a rl NES cart (if anyone is ever so inclined).

Mega Man 3 presents many more challenges than either MM1 or MM2. Graphics must be changed in (some cases) 8 separate loions in order to properly display in-game. The palettes, likewise, exist in multiple places. Several utilities were used: Tile Layer Pro (for graphics), MM3TextEdit (very sily allows for editing of the text), MegaManFLE (a MM3-5 editor), and Hexposure (good old fashion HEX editing). This was a lot of fun, and very useful as an exercise, and I'm very plsed with the finished product and hopefully the quality here will show. Enjoy!

Download Proto Man 3 (Mega Man 3 )

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