Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rare Minecraft Alpha Screenshots

I found these two old screenshots on a blog that Minecraft developer "Jeb" used for only 6 days last yr. They show off alpha builds of an NPC village (with buildings which differ from the current NPV village incarnation) and what looks to be an rly Jungle Temple. Very sick indeed. Click the pictures for the HD versions.

Also, don't forget about the new Minecraft server which I am helping to OP. If you want to play a McMMO server with lots of awesome RPG-stylepluginsthen lve a comment with somecontactinfo or email me and ask for the server. It's a small server and not rlly open to the eral public (i.e. not going to be posted on Planet Minecraft of GameFAQs or anything, but the 8bc community is small enough that anyone from here is okay to play).

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