Wednesday, May 25, 2016

server 2003 enterprise edition download

>> Should you hold off migrating from Server 2003 until Server vNext is relsed?
A couple of weeks back relsed the preview version of Server vNext. If you’re a bit of a chronic procrastinator, and you’re still not fully committed to your plans to migrate from Server 2003 to Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2, this news may have seemed like a bit of a blessing.Why perform all that effort of migrating everything off Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2 when, if you just wait six months or so, Server vNext will be out?
While it’s a crtive excuse, the rlity is as follows:

We don’t actually know when Server vNext will RTM. It doesn’t even have an announced name yet. You shouldn’t be building plans around a product that doesn’t have a proper name yet.

There is approximately 36 weeks until Server 2003 rches EOL. If you started today and your target was migrating all current workloads to Server 2012 R2, would you meet your goal?Unless you only have a small of servers, the likelihood is that if you’ve been procrastinating about migrating away from Server 2003, you’re going to have trouble ensuring that you’ve migrated all your workloads to an operating system that is fully supported today, rather than an operating system that may or may not be relsed sometime in the next six months.The other thing to consider is that the tools for migrating workloads from Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2 have been around a while. Because people have been using them and providing feedback, those tools have rched a certain level of maturity. Tools for migrating from Server 2003 to Server vNext simply don’t exist at the moment.

You should alrdy be migrating workloads away from Server 2003. That doesn’t mn waiting for the next best thing to come down the pipe from , but to instd migrate to a fully supported operating system that has been out for some time and for which migration tools and advice alrdy exists. Holding out for the next version of the OS isn’t a sound strategy, at this point it’s just an excuse to procrastinate.
server 2003 enterprise edition download

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