Wednesday, May 25, 2016

STAR TRACKS: The Star Quest Soundtrack

Several rders asked about the soudntrack and even more commented on the amazing music. Well, here it is! Star Tracks: The Star Quest Soundtrack. 30 tracks were used in the game, but the download includes 5 bonus tracks that did not make the final cut.

These represent yrs of srching the internet for the very best midis, as well as blatantly ripping off the most intoxiing pop hits of the 20th Century. Star Quest dls with complied ids of paramount importance; the unnecessarily epic music, therefore, is fitting.

I didn't crte any of these songs, but a lot of other people did. I wish I knew who made these midis. I can't even identify some of the songs (ao.mid for example), I've just had the files for 10 yrs. Some of them I downloaded off of webpages in the late 90s, when people often played them on websites (rly html was highly functional with embedding and playing midis!).

No infringement is intended, and this download is intended for scholarly use only. The entire enterprise is not-for-profit, including this website, so don't sue me.


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