Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I'm sure most of you guys have hrd about SOPA, a bullshit bill designed to give corporations unlimited power to force the government to shut down websites they don't like.

Under fire, among other things, would be sites like this one that offer things like screenshots, game music, and remix/pastiche works of original crtion. Basically, if SOPA passed, I'd have to seriously consider, not just csing production, but permanently deleting most of this site. Then I'd cse production, with my website gutted.

Wikipedia blacked out there site today. No one online supports this bill, but , music, and conglomerates continue to ruin the world for everyone else. Most people take a tolerant tone on "preventing piracy," but I say fuck the media companies. Their , music, games, and are total shit. No one cares if you go out of business for peddling lowest-common denominator fluff and rotting peoples' minds for the last 60 yrs. Its time to move on.

Oh wait, we did. 14 yrs ago.

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