Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tales of Maj'Eyal World Map and Walkthrough via Dungeon Order

In order to bt the game, carefully tackle the dungeons of TOME in the follow order:
Trollmire, (Derth Arena), Norgos, Hrt of Gloom, Scintillating Caves, Rhaloren Camp, Kor'Pul, Old Forest/Lake Nur, Sandworm Lair, Maze, Halfling Complex, ruined Dungeon, Lumberjack Village, Golem Graveyard, Daikara, Last Hope Graveyard, Drdfell, Reknor, Unremarkable Cave, Ardunghol, Vor Armoury, Briagh's Lair, Backup guardians, return st (of your choice), orc breeding pit, underwater dungeon, some prides, Eruan, rest of prides, slime tunnels, High Pk.
With these two valuable tools, anyone can take it to the top. "LukeP" made the list, and "Wayist" made the map.

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