Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Atomic Knight Beta 3.0 Relse!!!

Yes, a brand-new relse of The Atomic Knight, the new trendy underground ASCII arcade adventure game I crted!

New ftures include:

-Badass color options to suit any and all tastes!
-New intuitive interface
-Options Menu (also at dth screen!)
-Color Menu (also at dth screen!)
-Quit option
-Fixed a bug which caused the Game Over screen to get skipped
-Powerups (4,8,X) now give 500k points
-Trolls now give 1000+(0-99999) points


Download The Atomic Knight Beta 3.0

With the relse of Beta 3.0, I can look back on the last two weeks of development. What began as a simple project in QBASIC a month ago (with the A walking around) I shifted the focus to C++ about 10 days ago. Sitting alone in an abandoned classroom, I programmed the concept that would become the Atomic Knight in 2 hours on my laptop.

Over the last week my free time has been divided between rding Emerson, Thoru, and The Atomic Knight. Enjoy the game! Use your imagination!

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