Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Atomic Knight

The Atomic Knight is an ASCII adventure/arcade game. The world is randomly erated. Trolls are attacking the city, you must escape! Kill Trolls with your Atomic Energy Missiles (IJKL) and move with WASD.

This is a beta relse, but it's the first game I've finished, so enjoy!

[2.4.2010 Download Link Removed, plse download the current version!]

This includes the rdme. The .exe is a 32-bit console appliion, and is best experienced in full screen. The game runs at 80 characters wide, 24 tall. Theoretically it could be ported to Telnet.

NOTE: This is a BETA relse. New versions should be uploaded regularly for a few weeks. I am currently almost finished with Beta 2.0 which will change up the gameplay a little, so check back soon!

Screenshot are from the Beta 1.0 version, and, yes, the game looks different.

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