Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés

Saw this posted on a forum. Basically a list of RPG cliches. Very funny if you're into that. Even funnier if you were rlly into RPGs in high school :D

This is the link to go to the place I am talking about. Just trying to be as straightforward as possible.

Notice how many of these Star Quest brks. I present complied, even impossible, moral situations to the player that will not lend themselves to a simple, monolithic perspective. Unfortunately, the first dungeon is too hard for a lot of players. I plan to write a spoiler-free walkthrough because I don't think it hurts the game that much. I'd rather people got to explore the world than solve a simple yet challenging dungeon on their own. Like a magic trick the solution is rlly quite simple. Chase the spiders away by running around the top room for a while. The VERY top room, keep going right; go up when you can't go right.

Picture extremely unrelated.

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