Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tor Browser 3.6.6 Free Download

Tor Browser 3.6.6 Free DownloadTor Browser 3.6.6
Tor Browser Bundle can be a free tool to shield user data and also the entire computer. This course protects the method while surfing the world wide web and hides valuable data about the network.
Tor Browser Bundle connects for the Tor, which provides for sy browsing and perform several activities, including doing conferences and watching e-mail. In using this method, will provide ch of our computer and the many data against theft and possible theft of valuable information and other files on the drive.
Using the program Tor Browser is simple, just run it and after a while will establish a link to a network path that may turn our private IP address to assist hide the true identity from the user. In supplement, the program carries a built-in browser Opera, which has been modified such that it is idlly suited to browsing when associated with the Tor system.
Tor Browser 3.6.6 Free Download

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