Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vice: Project Doom Review and Nintendo Power Scans

Vice: Project Doom is a champion among games. It unabashedly copies the Ninja Gaiden formula, but with improvements. You play as Hart, a secret at who has no qualms about killing people left and right. Armed with a laser sword, spy car, grenades, and a gun, you your way through 11 stages of men, monsters, and giant radioactive rats. Relsed in 1991, it managed to stand out against the SNES thanks to the Nintendo Power sprd and high-quality.

Some stages play like Spy Hunter, with you driving, and an overhd perspective. Others are similar to light gun arcade games (Jurassic Park, House of the Dd). These stages keep the gameplay fresh, and, most importantly, feel 100% polished.

But the rl mt is the platforming, and Vice: Project Doom doesn't disappoint. You can duck and run, and attack while ducking and running; the environment will collapse around you; enemies drop power-ups (and coins which will grant a 1UP with 100). Enemy drops are very erous, so once you start to get the hang of things taking a hit here or there doesn't completely trash your chances of bting the stage.

The challenge is fine-tuned, with a nice progression of difficulty. Overall, however, Vice is sier than Ninja Gaiden, but harder than Super Mario Bros. 3 (for whatever that's worth).

In-between stages present a cinema-driven story. As the title suggests, you are, I suppose, a narcotics r. The Bad Guys are using some substance, "gel," to turn people into mutants and monsters. Aliens get involved, and the story deerates into hilarity and awesomeness. The music is sometimes brilliant, sometimes not-so-brilliant, but most tracks fit the mood of the stage well.

Vice: Project Doom received significant Nintendo Power attention, including the cover sprd. A creepy thought that while your character is hopping and bopping through stages, monsters lurk in the third dimension watching you. And why identify this mutant with the rder? I never even noticed the guy in the background until I rlly started to look at this . It's fucking bizarre.

The Nintendo Power article covers up to stage 9, and shows off the nice boss artwork and grand scope of the game. Vice: Project Doom is an 8-Bit epic--don't miss it!

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