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WinMend Data Recovery With Free Download

WinMend Data Recovery With Free Download
Data Recovery crtes backups of virtual machines without interrupting their use or the data and services they provide. Data Recovery manages existing backups, removing backups as they become older. It also supports dedupliion to remove redundant data. Data Recovery is built on the WinMend Data Recovery v Storage API for Data Protection. It is integrated with WinMend Data Recovery v CenterServer, allowing you to centralize the scheduling of backup jobs. Integration with vCenter Server also enables virtual machines to be backed up, even when they are moved using WinMend Data Recovery V Motion or Winmend.
Backing Up Virtual Machines During a backup, Data Recovery crtes a quiesced snapshot of the virtual machine. Dedupliion is automatically performed with every backup operation. Data Recovery can concurrently back up a maximum of eight virtual machines. To start multiple backups, CPU utilization must be less than 90 percent. Due to memory constraints, Data Recover does not support using morethan two backup destinations simultaneously. If more than two backup destinations must be used, configurethem to be used at different times.

For virtual machines crted in vSphere 4.0, the Data Recovery appliance crtes a quiesced snapshot of thevirtual machine during the backup. The backups use the changed block tracking functionality on the ESX hosts.For ch virtual being backed up, it checks for a prior backup of the virtual . It uses the change-trackingfunctionality on ESX hosts to obtain the changes since the last backup. The deduplied store crtes a virtualfull backup based on the last backup and applies the changes to it.
NOTE : These optimizations do not apply to virtual machines crted with VMware products prior to vSphere4.0. For example, change tokens are not used with virtual machines crted with Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 orrlier. As a result, virtual machines crted with rlier VMware versions take longer to back up.
If duplie parts of a virtual machine are found, a record of the information is stored rather than storing theinformation twice. Dedupliion can provide significant space savings. Operating system files are oftenidentical among virtual machines running the same operating system. To maximize dedupliion, back upsimilar virtual machines to the same destination. The virtual machines do not need to be backed up during thesame job.
Data Recovery uses the vSphere licensing infrastructure to ensure that all virtual machines that are protectedby Data Recovery have appropriate licensing. Valid vSphere licensing includes Essential Plus, Advanced,Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus s.
ch Data recovery backup appliance can protect a total of 100 virtual machines. It is possible to crte backupjobs that are configured to protect more than 100 virtual machines, but the backup appliance only protects 100virtual machines and any additional virtual machines are omitted. It is possible to protect more than 100 virtualmachines by installing additional backup appliances, but different backup appliances do not share informationabout backup jobs. As a result, it is possible to establish unintended configurations. For example, two DataRecovery backup appliances could be configured to protect a folder containing 200 virtual machines, but it islikely that some of the virtual machines would be backed up twice and some would not be backed up at all.
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