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Ashampoo Music Studio Free Full Version Download

Reboot after the installation
After installing or updating the app, reboot your device by holding the Home and the Sleep/Wake button for about 10 secondsuntil the logo apprs (don't slide to power off). This ensures optimum performance.
Playing on the board
You can adjust the size and position of the board by making a slide or pinch gesture anywhere on the menu bar.To change the labels on the , press the button and switch between the 4 label modes with the label button.• If you just want to play around with the instruments, switch to the instrument tab, select your instrument of choice (the list is scrollable), maybe preview it, and switch back to the board tab to play.• Tap the accelerometer button to enable pitch bend, then tilt your device to bend the played note's pitch.• Adjust the attack/relse sliders in the instruments tab to change the fade in/out times.
• The sound is grtly influenced by the reverb. Adjust the reverb type and size in the effects tab to simulate a specific room.

High quality reverb sounds better but may introduce playback stuttering on older devices.• You might want to get fancy with the effects: switch to the effects tab, choose an effect, switch it on, and play around with thesettings.Recording a songFollow these steps to crte a simple song from scratch:• Open the projects tab and tap the New button to crte a new project.• Open the tracks tab and tap the tempo button to set the tempo and signature of your new song.• Open the instruments tab and select your instrument of choice.• Open the board tab and press the record button, wait for the counter to hit 1.1(precount can be disabled in the metronome section of the setup screen),play your piece, then tap the stop button.• If you made a mistake and want to re-record, simply tap the undo button to erase the notes you just recorded.• Switch to the tracks tab to review what you just recorded. The track can be edited bar-wise (sequencer) and notewise(piano roll editor), more on this topic in the tracks tab section.• Tap the plus icon to crte a new track.The board and instruments tabs always apply to the active track, so make sure that track 2 is selected.• Rept the previous steps to record something on the second track.• Let's assume that your song has a duration of 20 bars and you want to start recording at bar 10. In the tracks tab, move theleft marker on the ruler to the 10th bar and recording will always start from there.• Tune the reverb in the effects tab, maybe set the equalizer and play around with the other effects.• To save your song, open the projects tab, enter a song name in the text field and tap the save button.Performance and trouble shootingThe appliion rcts slowly and ling occursRebooting your device will most likely resolve this issue. Press and hold the Home and the Sleep/Wake button for about 10seconds until the logo apprs (don't slide to power off, hold longer). If playback stuttering remains, decrse the reverbquality, incrse the latency, or decrse the polyphony. presses have a very high latency• Dctivate the Zoom fture in the Accessibility section of the iPhone's Settings. Launch the Settings app, tap eral,Accessibility, Zoom and turn it off.• Switch to a lower latency in the eral section of the setup tab.• If you still experience latency problems try to properly reboot your device.The audio output sounds noisyUse r or external spkers because the device's internal spker cannot cope with the broad frequency spectrum ofMusic Studio's instruments. Additionally, decrse the master gain (in the volume section of the effects tab) to prevent clipping.This might be necessary if many instruments play simultaneously, because their gains add up.The instruments sound unrlTo get the most out of the high quality studio-recorded instruments, use r or external spkers and set the reverb tohigh quality. Most instruments are designed for a specific tonal range, an E-Bass sounds as unrl in the 4th octave as a flute inthe lowest octave. Some instruments also benefit from a higher or lower relse time.• Wind instruments in eral sound best with a low relse time and the reverb set to hall or canyon.• A grt effect for synths is to set the delay to 1/8th and dotted.• String instruments sound best with a medium attack time (around 0.5s) and maybe a high relse time.• board instruments and guitars get a sustain feeling with a high relse time.Why are the drum kit's sounds arranged in such a strange way?This "strange way" is called the "eral MIDI Level 1 Percussion Map". It is commonly used on nrly every hardwareboard/synthesizer to retain full MIDI compatibility.While playback, some notes end too rlyIncrse the polyphony in the setup tab, but keep in mind that this may ld to stuttering with complex songs on older devices.Instruments tabWhy is the default instrument volume 80% and not 100%?This way you don't have to change all the other track's volumes if you want one track to be louder.Why doesn't the preview button play a nice melody?Because it would be distracting for a musician who has a melody in mind while composing music.Tracks tabIf I select and edit bars in the sequencer, why are some notes ignored?Selected notes are colored dark blue. If you select a bar but a note starts a few ticks rlier than this bar, it will not be selected. Ifpossible, quantize the track, thereby aligning the notes to simplify further editing.Projects tabThe server does not workMake sure that your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Mac/PC. If your browser does not load the MusicStudio webpage, enter the IP address (s) instd of the Bonjour address (device name) in the browser's address bar,followed by a colon and the 8080. If the problem persists, try a different browser, try disabling your PC's firewall or trybypassing your router by setting up an ad-hoc network on your Mac/PC. Step by step instructions:• Connect to a WiFi network with your iPhone• Connect to the same WiFi network with your Mac/PC• Tap the Server button in Music Studio• Enter the IP address (without www) followed by the port in your Mac/PC's browser, e.g.• Right click a file and select Download (or "Save target" or something similar depending on your browser) to save it on yourhard drive.Instrument shopHow do I restore my purchased instruments or get them on my second device?Simply enter the shop, tap the restore button in the upper right corner, enter your iTunes username and , and wait forthe instruments (which you alrdy purchased) to appr in the instrument list. This process can take up to a few minutesdepending on your connection speed (preferably WiFi).Why is the price $0.99 for a single instrument?This is the lowest possible price on the app store. The package's prices are much lower compared to buying the instrumentsindividually.Which fture will be included in future updates?Our next major updates (later this yr) will include:• Native iPad support• Audio tracksMany other ftures (like sampling) are alrdy on our long-term list.IntroductionMusic Studio ftures a 85- clavier capable of handling up to 5 simultaneous touches (10 on the iPad). Not every instrumenthas the full tonal range, hence the of playable octaves varies from instrument to instrument.If you are unsy with the way the rct to your input, the setup tab offers some handy board preferences.Scrolling and resizingThe board position and width can be adjusted via the scroll and pinch gestures. Either tap the board layout button orsimply do the gesture on the top menu bar: move one finger left or right to slide the board, pinch with two fingers to adjust the width.
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