Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kali Linux Free Download 32 bit or 64 bit

Kali Linux Free DownloadKali Linux (formerly known as BackTrack Linux) announced the relse of Kali Linux Version 1.0.6on January 9, 2014. Kali Linux is a Debian based distribution specially focused on penetration testing and digital forensics use.
From Project Page :-
Kali Linux is the new eration of the industry-lding BackTrack Linux penetration testing and security auditing Linux distribution. Kali Linux is a complete re-build of BackTrack from the ground up, adhering completely to Debian development standards.
Highlights of Kali Linux Verson 1.0.6 :
Kali Linux is built on a Debian based Operating system.Kali Linux 1.0.6 includes an awesome fture called “emercy self-destruction of LUKS,” which enables users to instantly nuke the whole installation in case of an urcy.This new relse includes Linux Kernel 3.12, new Kali ARM scripts, Kali AMAZON AMI, Kali Google Compute eration scripts and many other new interesting changes.Kali Linux includes Metasploit, Wireshark, John the Ripper, Nmap and Air-ng and approx. 300 different penetration testing tools.FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) compliant and has improved for ARM support.Smless upgrades between major relses.Kali can run on Chrome books (Personal Computer), Available for ARMdevices like ss808, ODROID U2 and even in the Raspberry Pi (credit-card-sized single-board computer).

Booting from Live :

2. Kali Linux GNOME Desktop:

3. Kali Linux with various Penetration Testing tools:

Download Kali Linux Free Download 32 bit or 64 bit
Download 32 Bit

Download 64 Bit

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