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Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.20 Free Version Download

Document Overview

This document provides step-by-step instructions for installing Deep Freeze Enterprise on a single segment Local Ar Network. It assumes that the console will be run on the same workstation as the Configuration Administrator.
What is Deep Freeze?
Deep Freeze is a software program that prevents any permanent changes from being made to acomputer. Deep Freeze consists of two states: Frozen and Thawed. When Deep Freeze is in a Frozenstate, any changes made to the computer are forgotten when the computer is restarted.When Deep Freeze is in a Thawed state, any changes made to the computer are retained when thecomputer is restarted. When making changes to a computer, such as installing software or performingupdates, the computer needs to be put into a Thawed state. A reboot is required every time the state ofthe computer is changed.
System Requirements
The Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console (administrativetools) can be installed on XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 or Server 2003, 2008, and 2012. Deep Freezewill protect workstations running XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Installing Deep Freeze Enterprise
Installing Deep Freeze Enterprise has three distinct steps:Installing the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and Deep Freeze Enterprise Console(administrative tools).2. Configuring workstation install packages.3. Deploying to the workstations (to protect the workstations).Installing Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and DeepFreeze Enterprise Console (Administrative Tools)The Deep Freeze Enterprise consists of an installation file that will install the Deep Freeze ConfigurationAdministrator and the Enterprise Console on a workstation. These are administrative tools that will beused to configure and manage Deep Freeze on the protected workstations. These tools should not beinstalled on the individual workstations that need to be protected by Deep Freeze.If you have a previous version of Deep Freeze Enterprise installed, you can update the ConfigurationAdministrator and Enterprise Console to the new version. You can also update Deep Freeze on theworkstations.
Configuring Workstation Install Packages
The next step before deployment is to configure a workstation install package to run on the workstationsthat are to be protected. To start configuring a workstation install package, launch the ConfigurationAdministrator from the start menu.When launched, the Configuration Administrator will display a series of tabs that define theconfiguration that will be applied to the workstation. Detailed information on ch of these tabs canbe found in the Deep Freeze Enterprise users guide available online in the Faronics Content Library.As a minimum configuration Faronics recommends that a GUI be set on the workstationinstall program as follows:1. Select the check box for the first under the Enable column.2. Select the Workstation option.3. Enter a to use in the column.Once a is set, click the Crte button on the toolbar and select the option for a Full WorkstationInstall Package. This saves the installer package at a convenient loion.Deploying to the Workstations to be protectedTo protect a workstation, the Deep Freeze Install Package that was crted previously must now beinstalled. The simplest method to deploy the package is to manually copy it to the workstation. Oncethis is done, follow the steps below:1. Double-click the DFWks.exe file to begin the installation process. The Deep Freeze InstallationDialog apprs. Click Next to begin the installation.2. Follow the steps presented. Rd and accept the agreement. At the end of the

Deep Freeze Security Notice
Deep Freeze does not protect against booting from a USB , floppy drive, or -ROM drive. TheCMOS should be configured to prevent booting from anything other than the hard and the CMOSmust be protected to fully protect a computer from tampering.

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