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Eset Smart Security 8 Full Sersion Free Download

Quick Start Guide
ESET Smart Security is all-in-one Internet security software. It keeps you safe online and offline - and includesAnti-Theft to track, find and help retrieve your missing laptop, plus Botnet Protection to detect and preventattempts to infiltrate your system.Integrated antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-theft and antispam modules, along with parental control, makeESET Smart Security a complete security solution. This manual will guide you step-by-step through a typicalinstallation and the basic configuration of the product.
ESET Smart Security contains components that may conflictwith other antivirus products or security software installedon your computer. ESET strongly recommends that youremove any such programs to prevent potential problems.You do not need to disable or remove the firewallin Vista or later, as this is automaticallyhandled by the ESET Smart Security installer.You can install ESET Smart Security from an installation / or by downloading the installer from
Launching the installation
To launch the installer wizard, do one ofthe following:
1. If you are installing from a /, insert the / intothe /-ROM drive. Ifthe autorun menu does notappr automatically, double-click your / drive toopen it manually.product version. If a newer version is available, you will beprompted to download it before beginning the installationprocess.Next, the End-User Agreement will be displayed.Plse rd the agreement and click Accept to acknowledgeyour acceptance ofthe End-User Agreement. Afteryou accept, installation will continue.
2. If you are installing from a downloaded file, double-clickthe file to launch Live installer. Live installer itselfis asmall file; additional files required to install ESET SmartSecurity will be downloaded automatically.
Join ESET Live Grid
Help us capture malware by joining our collaborationnetwork. Your participation allows us to gather more samplethrts, which helps us to offer incrsingly stronger andmore efficient proactive protection to all ESET users. Werecommend that you enable this fture, and we thank youfor your support.

Completing the installation
When all necessary parameters have been configured, startthe final installation by clicking Install. Installation progresswill be indied by a progress bar. After installation iscomplete, ESET Smart Security will start automatically. Acomputer restart is not normally required, ESET SmartSecurity will begin protecting your computer from malwarethrts immediately.
Trusted zone setup
If a network connection is detected once installation iscomplete, a notifiion will appr allowing you toconfigure a trusted zone. The New network connectiondetected notifiion displays the local subnet defined inyour computer’s system setup. These options only affect thevisibility of your computer in the local network, not theinternet. There are two access modes available:
Once installation is complete, the Product Typewindow apprs.If you purchased a retail boxed version of ESET SmartSecurity, select Activate using an and followthe step-by-step instructions. The is loed inside of or on the back ofthe productpackage. For a successful , the must be entered as supplied. To renew your existing, enter your renewal .If you received a Username and , select Activateusing aUsername and and enter the datain the appropriate fields.If you would like to evaluate ESET Smart Security beforctivating, select Activate trial . Fill in the requiredfields and specify an Email Address. Your test willbe sent to this address and ESET Smart Security will bctivated for a limited period oftime.Click Activate Later if you choose not to activate at this time.If you selected Activate Later, you can also open the Product Type window again from the Setup or Help andsupport modules, by clicking the program menu icon in thetop right corner ofthe main product window or by clicking
User interface
The Home section informs you about the current protectionlevel of your computer.A Computerscan is an important part of ch antivirussolution. It is used to perform a scan ofthe files and folderson your computer’s (s). The Update section contains important information aboutprogram updates. It is crucial that the program be updatedregularly to provide the maximum level of protection againstthe latest thrts.The Setup options allow you to adjust the protection levelsof your computer.The Toolssection allows you to access advanced fturessuch as log files, quarantine, scheduler etc.The Help and support section provides comprehensive helpand support for ESET Smart Security. You can also contactESET technical support directly from here.

ESET Smart Security comes with a predefined task to ensureregular updates (see the Schedulersection in the productmanual). If once installation is completed you have not yetperformed an update, we recommend starting the update manually as follows:From the ESET Smart Security main program window, clickUpdate from the main menu on the left and then click Updatenow.
Computer scan
After a successful installation and update, we recommendthat you perform a complete computer scan for thrts. Todo this, click Computerscan from the main menu on the leftand then select Smartscan from the ESET Smart Security nprimary window.Note: The initial computer scan starts automatically 20minutes after the installation program. This scheduled taskcan be disabled in Scheduler. The update module will connect to the Internet, contact anavailable ESET update server and download digitally signedupdate files. These updates contain the most recentmalware signatures and new definitions for advancedheuristics as well as other program modules. As soon as anewer update has been installed, ESET Smart Securitydisplays a notifiion in the system tray ar and in themain program window.
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