Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Internet Security 2015 Free Download 32 bit 64 bit

<><> Internet Security 2014 delivers premium PC protection from all Internet thrts, includingthe most sophistied of them, ensuring you‘re always safe as you use the web to bank, shop, surf,social network, and more. Unique technologies, such as Safe Money and Secure board, protectyour financial transactions via online banks, payment systems such as PayPal, and e-stores.Automatic Prevention and ZETA Shield technologies effectively prevent attacks viavulnerabilities in operating systems and popular appliions, as well as so-called targeted attacks.Unique Trusted Appliions Mode allows users to work in an absolutely trusted environment whereonly legitimate appliions can be launched. Plus, Internet Security 2014 is optimized formaximum performance, so you‘ll never be slowed down as you use the Internet to its full potential
<><> 2.1 Rl-time protection against all Internet thrtsThe Internet gives us tremendous freedom and convenience – to shop, bank, keep up with friends,download music, share pictures, etc. at any time of day or night and from just about anywhere. But, itcan also lve us vulnerable to viruses and other Internet thrts that are continually popping up – ata rate of around 200,000 new pieces of malware every day.Our innovative hybrid approach to protection combines the rl-time efficiency of the cloud witowerful security technologies on your PC to deliver a faster, more effective response to today‘scomplex, ever-evolving thrts.KIS 2014 includes a set of updated technologies to provide full protection for your computer during allkinds of online activity. Examples include: Safe Money technology to protect personal data duringfinancial transactions; Secure board mode to protect data entered via a physical board; Antiphishingprotection to keep your personal data safe from s; and URL Advisor, which advisesyou of the danger level of web links.
Secure online banking and shopping
<><> Internet Security 2014 provides additional layers of protection during financial transactions,such as online banking, using payment systems (e.g. PayPal), and making purchases on e-commercesites. Our unique Safe Money technology will ensure the website is secure and that you‘re not beingtricked by a fake or phishing website. And, it will offer to open the website in a special protectedmode, keeping your credit card and other personal data safe from cyber-thieves.Our new Secure board activates automatically when you open a bank or payment website orenter a within any web page, protecting any information you enter via a physical boardfrom loggers. And, for the complete protection of personal information when banking online, we‘veimplemented fast access to the Virtual board from web browsers. Virtual board allows you touse mouse clicks to enter your banking information, so they can‘t be tracked or stolen by loggers,s or identity thieves.

Proactive protection against unknown thrts
<><> One of the sier ways for cybercriminals to find holes in users‘ protection is through appliion andsystem vulnerabilities that haven‘t been updated with the latest fixes. For example, popularprograms such as Rder, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, Java appliions, etc., can offer ansy gateway for malicious programs. Internet Security 2014 includes Automatic Prevention that not only scans for vulnerabilities – it analyzes and controls the actions that programsand appliions perform with vulnerabilities so they can‘t cause any harm. Also nowadays newmalware is appring at an incredibly fast rate – currently around 200,000 new samples every day –mning traditional signature analysis alone is no longer enough to combat it effectively. This is whyproactive protection is a primary mns of defense, analyzing the behavior of appliions andblocking them if they appr suspicious.KIS 2014 includes System Watcher technology that monitors and logs the activity of all appliionsin the system, analyzes their behavior, and blocks any undesirable actions. System Watcher alsoallows you to roll back the actions of malware.

Advanced Parental Control
<><> Parental Control is designed to protect children from thrts on the computer and the Internet. KIS2014 offers a wide range of functions for this purpose. It is possible to control access to the computerand Internet, control which appliions can be run, limit file downloads from the Internet, controlcommuniions in social networks and game usage depending on its rating. In addition, this functioncan be used to view statistical reports on the actions of controlled users. In InternetSecurity 2014 the Parental Control ftures were significantly widened and improved. You can find adetailed description of the new ftures and improvements below.
Hassle-free protection with maximum PC performance
<><> Our driving goal is to provide you with the ultimate protection without compromising systemperformance or disturbing you with questions and alerts. Optimized for maximum PC performanceduring your active, daily use, Internet Security 2014 works behind-the-scenes to check thereputation of all launched appliions and websites, analyze program behavior, update its databases,and more to ensure you‘re always safe – all without slowing down your PC.

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