Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nitro Pro Full Version Free Download

Welcome to Nitro Pro 9 (How to use this guide)
This user guide is a task-oriented series of topics that describe the different ways you can work with PDFfiles using Nitro Pro 9. This user guide has been grouped into three chapters — or steps— to makegetting familiar with Nitro Pro 9 as sy as possible:1. Getting Started with Nitro Pro 9: activate your Nitro Pro and familiarize yourself with thedifferent aspects of the user interface2. Tasks and Tools: find detailed information on how to use ch of the many ftures of Nitro Pro 9and how to accomplish specific tasks with your PDF files
3. Obtaining Help: lrn more about the many ways you can work with your PDF files and get

assistance if you experience difficulties using Nitro Pro 9
Quickly find the right information
Srching for words is the siest way to lrn more about using a specific fture of Nitro Pro 9. Sofor example: if you would like to lrn more about securing your PDF files, you can srch for thewords "security" or "" to quickly find the right information.To Srch For words:l PDF User Guide: press Ctrl+F on your board and type in a word or phrasel In-product User Guide: click the Srch tab and type in a word or phraseParticipate and Contribute OnlineNitro encourages your active participation and takes your feedback seriously. By visiting the online forumfrom the Help tab you can see how other users are making the most of Nitro Pro 9 as well as exchangetips with other users doing similar work with their PDF files.

Digital IDs
A digital ID is much like paper-based identifiion such as a passport. It can prove who you are and giveyou special rights to do particular things. In the case of digital IDs in Nitro PDF Professional, your digital IDcan let you make your PDF files tamper proof, as wel as give you special access to files from users whohave approved your digital ID. The buty of digital IDs when securing a document is that you can changccess and usage rights on a user-by-user basis.Digital IDs are comprised of a public and private . The public contains a certifie and identifyinginformation, and this is what you share with other users. Once other users have your public they cansecure (encrypt) documents that you may be able to access and use. The private is the part of thedigital ID that is never shared and is the part of the ID that unlocks (decrypts) files that you have beengranted access to and usage of.Nitro PDF Professional supports the use of two types of digital IDs:PKCS#12 digital ID file. This type of digital ID is more flexible because you can use the same ID onmultiple computers. For example, if you had an workstation and a notebook with the samecertifie instaled, you could open the same secured PDF file on both computers. The digital IDremains secure when moved between computers as you must enter a when you import it toyour My Digital IDs. · Certifie Store. This type of digital certifie locks the ID to a user on a particularcomputer and cannot be copied and imported to another computer.
Trusted contacts
When another user shares their public certifie with you and vice versa, and you both add ch otherto your Trusted Contacts list, you then both have the ability to encrypt files for ch other’s digital ID.With Nitro PDF Professional you can add people to your Trusted Contacts list by importing their public certifie manualy, or you can share both your public and their public in the one process by usingthe Request Contacts fture.

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