Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minotaur Berzerker and Mummy Summoner of Sif Muna, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

I'm determined toconquerthe Lair again in Crawl and to get past the middle game which has been giving me trouble since I started playing Crawl over 2 yrs ago. This time, I'm playing a Minotaur Berzerker, and Sigmund doesn't stand a chance. This is an awesome class/race combo, andworshipingTrog is always a grt id for melee. The Minotaur has all the aptitudes he needs (+2 Axes, +2 Armor, +2 Fighting) to become a dth machine by the end of the lair. The trick is somehow staying alive until Trog can grant you an epic artifact executioner's axe.

I find anddestroymy NEStaia guildmate's ghost.Playerghosts are rarely a match for Berzerk.

However, soon I'd die to poison. A typical dth, and annoying. I abandon the Minotaur and try my hand at another Mummy Summoner, eventuallyworshipingSif Muna, and the results were:

A pretty sy rly game, and I took it slow until finding this altar. Now things could get serious.

Summon Imp Spam on a player ghost.

It's a good thing I summoned some monsters before going down the stairs.

And all I lost was 4 :D

I never stop using summon small mammals. It's a c way to incrse the ranks and protect the monsters that count. It can also be used to quickly position your Mummy in a favourable position before sending out wave after wave of spammed summon.

Narrow passages suck for a summoner.

Sending this Ice Bst into the passage took care of Sonja.

This gnollsergntwasn't fucking around; he killed a good of troops, but he couldn't kill them as fast as I could summon them right back to battle.

This was an epic battle with a Hill Giant and some Yaks. I'd found the "Shadow Crtures" spell, so I was able to summon all sorts of things.

Like these awesome wights.

And some more awesome wights. We eventually won the battle.

But on the next level I died. I honestly can't remember how--I played several games since then and none of them were very exciting. This however, was adisappointind to a grt game. I never found the Lair, which would have made things sier. The Lair is pretty much a ton of free exp, and it has to spawn on level 13 or above. I still feel Mummy Summoner is an awesome class, an will probably continue to be my "main" combination on my quest toretrievethe Orb of Zot.

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